06 7 / 2014

Goodbye and Thank you.

I am sorry to say that I will no longer be writing the Beckabonce blog, a lot has happened to me over the last 6 months and things don’t seem to be settling down anytime soon, meaning unfortunately I don’t have the time to continue with Beckabonce blog. I want to take the time to thank you for reading and supporting my blog, it has been great and I have meant some amazing designers and makers…

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05 7 / 2014

Beckabonce Loves … Granny Squares

I discovered crochet a few months ago, and since then I have become addicted! Here are some gorgeous crochet items showing that granny squares aren’t just for grannies. My top three picks are the XL granny square cushion cover, the colour bomb baby blanket and the crochet needle book.

XL Crochet Granny Square Cushion Cover by Dutch Sisters

Crochet Granny Square Bag by Hook n Hula

Ipad Granny…

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04 7 / 2014

Once Upon a Time Finds

Looking for some vintage home accessories without have to up-cycle them yourself, well you better head over to Once Upon a Time Finds for some great pieces. All of the pieces are neutral, pastel colours which means they can fit into any home easily and subtly.






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03 7 / 2014

Little Joobie Boo Cushions

Is your sofa looking a bit old and tired? Why not brighten it up it up with these gorgeous cushions by Little Joobie Boo. Whatever your colour scheme or decor you are bound to find something perfect for you. Here are a few of my favourites.







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02 7 / 2014

country living busyblackbird 004

busyblackbird, lampshades, lightshades 023

busyblackbird card designs 004

2 more 001

blackbird with blossom 004

Busyblackbird summer shades 010

d profile picture

Busyblackbird lamp and lightshades 005

Busyblackbird dogs with crab 300dpi

busyblackbird, lampshades, lightshades 040

Sue has always thought of herself as lucky, she lives in a beautiful part of the country and is able to do the job she loves. As any artist, designer or crafts person would agree, it is not always an easy choice, it’s a struggle to make an income and there is an awful lot of talent to compete with, Sue is frequently in awe of other artists!! Creating a recognisable style is a challenge…

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01 7 / 2014

Here is a round up of some lovely coral coloured handmade items. Enjoy =].

Geometric Ceramic Bracelet by Isla Clay

Ciclo Cotton Gauze Scarf by Lee Coren

Woman’s Padded Camera Pouch by Curious Miss Clay

Pink Raindrops Plate by Ceramica Botanica

White and Coral Geometric Cushion by Nirwa


Coral Crochet Skinny Scarf by Knitting Mamas

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30 6 / 2014

And the Winner is…

And the winner of the Best Day’s Vintage giveaway is …

Meena R

Well done! Please send me your details to rw.beckabonce@hotmail.co.uk.

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30 6 / 2014

hokasai ice_fr 2 3 fish zazen 001_all sew_fr Yoga_Percy1

Ella’s background is in Animation and Graphic Design which she studied to a Masters Level concentrating on narrative for children and development. Her passion is for visual storytelling and whimsical illustration often highly detailed using traditional and digital mediums.

As an only child growing up in different countries Ella has spent a lot of time in the whimsical landscapes of her…

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28 6 / 2014

Beckabonce Loves … Cottages

I love cottages, their so cute and quaint! They process this welcomely, homely vibe where you imagine the owner to drink lovely teas and bake beautiful cakes and make gorgeous handmade goodies for the house all day (sounds like my sort of dream). Unfortunately I can’t afford a cottage, and if you can’t either don’t worry there are some lovely handmade cottage goodies to keep that craving at bay.…

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27 6 / 2014

Check out these gorgeous goodies by Mel Smith Designs, I just love her use of colours and intricate patterns, which capture a real vintage/retro vibe. Her designs makes great statement pieces for your home, from cushions and lampshades to tea towels and  fabric button accessories, you will be spoilt for choice. I am obsessing over them round cushions and that geometric lampshade.


il_570xN.585988936_73uj il_570xN.577350775_ec9t il_570xN.598736096_ktnx il_570xN.586098357_ibwd il_570xN.505232958_88i7 il_570xN.526975970_ccty

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26 6 / 2014

Vintage Fix: Pillow Talks WF

Love vintage buttons? If your like me and have an ever growing collection of buttons, for no real purpose just because you love them you are going to need to head over to Pillow Talks WF. You will be in little button heaven and be spoilt for choice with the wide selection of vintage buttons they have up for grabs.







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25 6 / 2014

Designer/Maker: Crafty City Fox







Hayley Strivens is the maker Crafty City Fox. She loves to sew and is inspired by practical items with exciting fabrics.
Hayley live in Norwich and has urban foxes living on her street hence her page name. Check out more by Crafty City Fox here.

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24 6 / 2014

Handmade Fix: Pavia Lee

I stumbled across these lovely hand painted ceramics by Pavia Lee and instantly fell in love! There subtle pastel colour palette and lovely patterns give a real homely and welcoming feel. Pavia Lee’s items have a charming appeal to them and would be great for everyday use or to impress guests.








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23 6 / 2014

Best Days Vintage Plus Giveaway!

Best_Days_Website_flyer_web BestDays_Logo_BLU_SML


‘I imagine the story of Best Days Vintageis the same as most shops. Boy (Jez Dixon) meets boy (Steven Hurdle) at University, boys bond over a shared love of Blur, boys form a band, band are massively unsuccessful, boys get jobs at Rokit (London’s biggest vintage chain), boys decide to start their own vintage shop, boys choose to open in Colchester (mostly cos that’s where Blur are from) boys…

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23 6 / 2014

Designer/Maker: Sarah Phelps Creative







Sarah is the owner, designer and printer behind Sarah Phelps Creative – a design and print studio, located in Birmingham. In 2012, armed with just a single design, and a dream to combine her design background with her passion for all things handcrafted, she launched her line of hand-printed paper goods from her dining table. Now, two years later, that one design is still in print (now a…

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